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16 Resources to Improve Your Racing Skills from Home

Looking to improve your race driving technique? We’ll we have put together a list of resources for you to knuckle down and get cracking on some classroom pointers of how to get your track times down to the bone.

Hot Cars


Hotcars have put together a 26 tip guide curated by some of the world’s top racing drivers. Whether you are looking to improve your racing lines, looking to unlock the secrets of acceleration and shifting gear or would like some hints on front wheel, back wheel or four wheel drive this page will have you covered. 

Read How to Race Like A Pro

Driver 61


This covers the very basics of circuit driving. Even if you’re an experienced circuit driver there are some great tips on understanding the principles behind your driving.

Read How to Drive the Perfect Line

Team Valvoline


We can all put our pedal to the floor but that doesn’t mean you will be making great lap times! Team Valvoline have put together their top 5 tips to a smooth track lap. Remember slow is smooth and smooth is fast!

So if you are looking for track specific tips to turn yourself from a pootler to a Petel then go have a look at these nuggets of track wisdom!

5 Tips for a Smooth Track Lap

Allen Berg Racing Schools


Allenberg racing school is the only place you can go to get tutoring from a real F1 driver. So we thought that their guide to the basics of driving a race car…fast would be a great addition to getting you off the starting grid.

Here you can find a good grasp of techniques to aid you in planning the corner, driver vision and driving lines from some of the best in the business.

Read the Basics of Driving Fast

Skoda Motosport


Want to drive like a pro? Then start sitting like one! Skoda Motorsport have pieced together a great article on how to optimise your sitting position from the minds of some of their pro rally drivers, so get your bum in the seat and start looking through these top tips of how to gain more control through the power of posture! 

Read How to Optimise Your Race Sitting Position

Redbull - Track days Etiquette


Yearning to get back out for that next track day? Redbull have teamed up with 2013 World Touring Car Champion Andrew Jordan to help get your car zooming round the circuit on your next track day. 

Read through this advice from a top driving champ to learn all about track day etiquette and how to get the most out of your car for the best possible time out on the tarmac. 

Read Track Day Etiquette from Andrew Jordan

BMW Racing lines


BMW have paired up with top racing driver Claudia Hurtgen to comprise her advice on the ongoing quest to find that perfect race line. So learn how to constantly adjust and adapt to the changing conditions out there on the track and start your own quest for the perfect corner.

Read How to Find the Perfect Racing Line

Team Sport Karting


Remember it is not all about speed. It all starts with the foundational principles of putting together those corner combinations out on the circuit to gain those lap times you lust for. Where better to get the foundations right than out on the karting track?

Team Sport have put together this helpful guide to how to be most effective out on the track. From chicanes to hairpins this guide will show you the best ways for whatever comes your way.

Read Understanding the Racing Line in Karting


Car Throttle has published a series of tips and techniques to help improve all aspects of your driving.

This is a fully-fledged guide to cornering, including some useful diagrams to help visualise your traction circle, how to handle the acceleration through the corner and slipping the clutch.

Read Tips to Improve Cornering

Driving Fast


Driving Fast have a full resource of guides to help drivers of all levels and ability. So whether you are looking into your first track day or are a sessioned enthusiast there is something to gain for you here.

From cars and bikes to road and track advise have a dig around and see what you can learn.

See Guides from Driving Fast

Get the Drive


Want to find a path into professional racing? Well leading motorsport coach Enzo Mucci has put together this book that charts exactly how race drivers find sponsorship, stand out from the crowd and gain investment in a series of step by step practical ways that you can apply to your own career.

A must have for anyone looking to take their ambitions further. Don’t make dreams make plans!

Read Get the Drive

Nigel Greensall


Nigel Greensall is a professional driver and racing coach. Having competed in races such as Le Mans, Daytona and at the Nurburgring.

With over 30 years of professional experience this site contains a wealth of resource in advanced racing techniques. So go have a look for yourself and start filling those minds with some sound advice!

Read How to Improve your Lap Times

Sport Excellence


Not only is it important to keep your car well tuned but the same attention needs to be given to the old brain box! Mental blocks and sports psychology are a huge component of any sport and is exaggerated more than ever in the high octane arena of the racing world.

Lucky for you Sports Excellence have put together some motorsport specific material on how to do exactly that.

Read How to Overcome Mental Blocks when Motor Racing

Speed Secrets


Get up to speed with this great little Ebook from Speed Secrets! Outlining a 22 step process to learning a track….fast. Taking you through the use of track maps, how to analyse video and what to look for and an old fashioned track walk. This is a tidy resource for shaving the seconds off your time. Knowing a track is a great key to unlock the insight into getting great times on any track.

While you’re at it head over to the speed secrets YouTube channel for a huge resource of driving tips in visual form.

Get the Speed Secrets Ebook

Going faster


This book is now 22 years old but hey aren’t the oldies the goodies? 

A complete how to on the art of race driving. With advice and input from competition-proven methods used by instructors and professional drivers this is a book not to be missed! This book will give you the know-how and is a definitive guide to all the racers to be out there!

Read the Complete Guide on the Art of Racing

Stig: How to Drive


Learn from the Stig himself! In an inspirational and illustrated guide, the former Top Gear star uses all his talent to take you through all the things you never got told in your driving test!

From skid-control to silky smooth gear changes. An entertaining read filled with anecdotes, humor, and wit from one of the best know / least know drivers!

Learn from Stig in How to Drive

Well, what are you waiting for? 

Get cracking on these classroom guides to start shaving seconds off your lap times and better understand the principles and techniques that go hand in hand with pushing the pedal to the metal!

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