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5 Funniest Top Gear Episodes You Need to Watch Again

We’ve picked 5 of our favourite funny Top Gear episodes that you need to rewatch while you’ve got time on your hands. 

Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear

1. Series 18 – Episode 6

This episode see’s the guys try out stripped out track inspired production cars, Richards Morgan performs pretty poorly in comparison to the other choices and the final scene see’s them all get soaked through as they describe what it’d be like to use one of these track weapons as a daily!

Top Gear Presenters on Bikes

2. Series 12 – Episode

This is a classic, Clarkson, May and Hammond ride across Vietnam in just 8 days, collecting memorabilia throughout the trip. James struggles to pass the Vietnamese bike test, Richard won’t eat any of the local food and Jeremy gets to fill us in on the war history with his extensive knowledge.

Old car off road on Top Gear

3. Series 10 – Episode 4

The Botswana special is a challenge episode, where they’re three are required to buy a car for less than £1500 and drive across the whole of Botswana. There’s plenty of opportunity for car graffiti, modifications and of course desert racing!

Top Gear presenters on bridge

4. Series 14 – Episode 6

This is the Bolivia Special where they travel through the rain forest in 4×4’s. Its starts off with James May’s utility belt and getting their cars off a raft in a pretty sketchy fashion. It then becomes Jeremys Range Rover vs Richards Land Cruiser through the rain forest, finishing with their attempt to drive to the tip of a volcano where the extreme altitude and lack of oxygen forces them to turn back.

5. Series 20 – Episode 4

The Hovervan! In this hilarious episode the guys build a hovercraft from a Transit van and set sail on the river Avon. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite go to plan and they manage to soak just about everyone on the riverbanks It also features Jeremys review of the Mercedes SLS Black.

We love all of these episodes and can watch them again and again. Tell us your favourite episodes in the comments.

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