EP Lambda Sensor Spacer

  • Designed to stopping the engine management light displaying when you upgrade your exhaust system or de-cat pipe
  • Extremely simple to fit and by spacing the sensor out of the flow of exhaust gas, they fool the ECU
  • We recommended straight style for A16 Corsa,  90 degree style for Z16 Corsa and Astra

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Debunking Downpipe Myths

We all want bang for our buck,  pounds for our pennies and miles from our cars. Many of us are also after more umph and roar from our exhaust.So what's the perfect part for both?A downpipe is a good place to start, more sound, more roar and more power, means it definitely sounds like a good way to go.The question is, how?In this blog we will look at what a downpipe is, how it works and common assumptions made about downpipes.What is a downpipe? A downpipe for your car is a part that connects to the turbine housing and the catalytic…

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EP Astra H VXR Remus De-Cat Pipe

  • Direct fit, cat removal pipe for the Astra VXR Remus exhaust – Remus exhaust only.
  • Requires no cutting, welding or bending; it’s a perfect fit!
  • Fitting of this pipe means your car will NOT pass an MOT
  • Easy to fit and swap back and forth
  • A 90 degree lambda sensor spacer is included
  • Engine remap is NOT required
  • More pops, more bangs and a louder exhaust – what’s not to love!
  • Please Note: Part ONLY fits the Remus exhaust, no other

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