be different

Stand out from the crowd

Why would you choose to modify your car? For many it’s a passion, an obsession.

You want to create something unique, never seen before. You want to push boundaries and be the first to achieve more. You want your car to look impressive, sound epic, go faster, handle better. 

For all this you need quality reliable parts.

what we do

Performance Part Fabricators

You can boost power and increase performance with exhausts and big turbo upgrades.

You can impress with high-calibre, handcrafted performance parts, made with a meticulous attention to detail. It’s this attention to detail that makes us unique. 

“Excellence is not an act, it’s a habit.”
– Will Durant

Our Process

Attention to detail

We make all our parts in small batches in order to maintain a high level of quality and attention to detail.

 All pipe work is back-purged and TIG welded to ensure maximum flow and quality welds that last. Each part is then finished with our unique brushed polished process.

about us

Our Story

The Passion
It all started in 2010 when founder Adam bought his first Vauxhall Corsa D VXR - a red VX Racing edition. At the time there weren’t any high quality parts available so Adam, a fabricator by trade, set out to make is very own Corsa D VXR Exhaust.
The Beginning
As Adam’s skills developed, demand for his upgrades (on VXR online) increased. He then started making parts for other models, notably the Astra H VXR. Adam’s passion for fabricating performance parts grew and in 2013 Enhance Performance was born.
“I started making parts for myself, before long I had people asking for them. I’ve always liked making stuff. Getting stuck in and creating something unique.

The business has grown over the years and I’m proud to be producing parts that surpass our customers expectations. For me these are not just car parts, they are works of art. Each day we strive to make every part better than the last.”

- Adam Benton
The Present & Future
Since 2013 the Enhance Performance product range has expanded to include performance exhausts for BMW, Nissan GT-R, Ford and MQB models.
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