Introducing the brand new

GR Yaris Exhaust System

In collaboration with Driftworks

White GR Yaris

improve the sound of your GR YAris

There’s no denying the epic potential of the new Toyota GR Yaris, but if there’s one thing that let’s it down, it’s the quiet exhaust.

You’ve finally got your brand new Yaris GR. You jump in the driver’s seat, buckle up, start the ignition, put your foot down and… nothing. It barely makes a sound!

It’s in desperate need of a volume boost, and that’s why we’ve built a brand new modular exhaust system.

Choose your sound level

The GR Yaris modular exhaust system allows you to pick the right setup for you. You can keep the stock cat and GPF to remain fully road legal, but still increase the volume to a level you can enjoy.

You can choose from a track-friendly exhaust system or our ultimate (extra loud) system to give you the thrill you’re looking for every time you drive it.

Modular Exhaust System

Choose different component options to build an exhaust system that suits your needs. This modular design is fully compatible with other aftermarket and OE systems, so you can choose the components that best fit your requirements.

Option 1

Track-friendly Resonated GR Yaris Exhaust

You want your new GR Yaris track car to sound like a track car right? The EP Track-Friendly OPF Back Exhaust System will give you that race car sound that you are yearning for whilst keeping you compliant with track regulation decibel limits. 

Keeping things quiet in the lower rev range but giving you the goods when you put your pedal to the metal. This is a great option for a freer flow, power and weight gains and gives you the peace of mind that your track day will come off without a hitch.

Enhance Performance Ultimate Resonated GR Yaris Exhaust

Option 2

Ultimate Resonated GR Yaris Exhaust

Our EP Ultimate OPF Back Exhaust System retains the OE Cat and OPF before increasing the bore size and flow throughout the rest of the exhaust system. This system will give you that fuller track car sound and added performance that you are looking for whilst retaining the OE pre OPF system making this a simple and effective way of getting those GR gains.

Option 3

Track-friendly non-Resonated GR Yaris Exhaust

We provide both resonated and non-resonated centre section options to give you a more refinable sound when choosing your GR Yaris set up. Choose non-resonated for the extra bit of Grrr in your GR. A non-resonated exhaust will be around 5 decibels louder than the resonated system. 

Enhance Performance Track-friendly Non-resonated GR Yaris Exhaust
Enhance Performance Ultimate Non-resonated GR Yaris Exhaust

Option 4

Ultimate non-Resonated GR Yaris Exhaust

This is our loudest option! The Ultimate non-resonated GR Yaris Exhaust will make your exhaust sound epic. It might not be ideal for those who use their car as a daily driver but perfect for those who want loud loud loud.

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GR Yaris Exhaust Options Side By Side Audio

You want your new GR Yaris track car to sound like a track car right? Giving you that race car sound that you are yearning for.

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the Ultimate GR Yaris Exhaust

Enhance your daily driving experience with the new GR Yaris Ultimate exhuast.

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Track-friendly GR Yaris Exhaust

This system has been developed with all you track troopers in mind.

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Development of the GR Yaris Exhaust

We worked with Driftworks to develop an exhaust system for their new GR Yaris.

Choose from two Tip Options

Slash Cut Tips

3.5" Slash cut

Double Slash Cut Tips

3.5" Double Slash Cut

Not sure which is the right exhaust for you?

Build Your GR Yaris Exhaust System

Choose options to help you find the right GR Yaris exhaust for you.

experience the sound

Listen to the Track-friendly GR Yaris Exhaust

Listen to the Ultimate GR Yaris Exhaust

Want it even louder?

GR Yaris OPF GPF Delete

OPF Delete/ GPF Delete

Our OPF delete option will remove all OE restriction whilst retaining the original cat. This will give you the added noise you are looking for. We also have a sports cat option to keep it road legal.

GR Yaris Downpipe

OPF Delete/ GPF Delete with decat downpipe

Want the loudest sounding and freest flowing system? You need the OPF Delete with Decat Downpipe. This is the loudest combination. Get ready to feel the chills.

Developing the GR Yaris Exhaust

The development of the new modular exhaust system has been a meticulous process of tracing the original stock exhaust system tunnel and catering our new modular design toward an exhaust system with the increased bore size and higher flow that you would expect from a quality aftermarket exhaust system.

We decided to create two different types of rear section to suit the needs of different applications and allows us to offer both a track-friendly version and a louder version for road use.

Developing the GR Yaris Exhaust
Developing the GR Yaris Exhaust

Our system is crafted from 304 stainless steel, fully back-purged and TIG welded to give the highest possible quality and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

All our silencers are rotary pulse TIG welded at both ends to ensure they not only last a lifetime but also look great. We use Acousta-Fil PTX filling, which has a high-temperature threshold making it last longer. We manufacture all exhaust silencers in-house so you can rest assured you will be using hand crafted, premium products that have been made with care and attention to detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Will there be any O2 sensor or other issues/changes needed?

There are no O2 sensor or GPF/OPF issues with the OPF back system, the car’s ECU is none the wiser that the exhaust is fitted. 

Do you have decibel readings to compare?

Unfortunately no. We find readings can fluctuate across different readers, so it is difficult to give a real world accurate representation. We would prefer not to give a reading that my differ from reader to reader. 

The Ultimate GR yaris Exhaust system is louder than the track-friendly exhaust system. And the non-resonated will give you a slight increase (approx 5 decibels) as well. 

Is the exhaust lighter than the stock system?

The stock system is quite light as it is made from very thin mild steel.

With GPF & cat, the stock system isn’t very subjected to high heat, so this thin mild steel will last fine.

Adding any stainless steel system would be heavier, but this is marginal and any weight gain would never be noticeable whilst driving.

Will there be any drone with a non-resonated system?

No. With GPF and cat installed, you will not get any drone. 

Why do you use 2-bolt flanges rather than v-band connectors?

A 2-bolt flange is required to connect the OE GPF, therefore we have opted to do this throughout the exhaust for consistency. 

Do you provide fitting for the GR Yaris Exhaust?

We can provide fitting at a cost of £75 at our workshop in Lincoln. 

However, fitting is simple and most local garages and tyre/exhaust workshops should be able to install it. 

There are 2 bolts to remove the existing exhaust and 4 bolts to install our system, then a little adjusting of the clamps to align the tail pipes will be needed.

Is part exchange on the original system needed?

No, we don’t require the original system in return.

Why is the exhaust I want on backorder?

When we do not have the item in stock they are listed as backorder items. 

If you purchase on backorder you will be first in line to get the system once manufactured. Please get in touch for an accurate lead time.