Plan Your Next Road Trip

Need a resource to help piece together all the essentials to put together a great road trip? Look no further! Have a browse through some of our top tips and tools to make your next trip a memorable one!

Corsa VXR - Plan your next road trip

PLAN Your destinations


You have a considerable amount of flexibility on a road trip, but planning them requires effort. Try Roadtrippers the next time you’re inspired to grab a car and go. The app allows you to map your trip with up to 7 waypoints for free. After that, there’s an option to upgrade.

Along your route, the app will recommend local food options, roadside attractions, scenic stops and more. They even have pre-made guides for popular road trips.

Still stuck for ideas? Check out these top UK driving destinations.

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choose Your Driving Tunes

A must! Get those bangers lined up and soundtrack your trip with some killer tunes.

Whether it’s some power ballads for Pete, grime for Gary or some good old fashioned cheese for…uhh you! You won’t want to be cruising the coasts without this essential item.

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There’s no school like the old school!

Always be sure to carry an analogue map in the digital age to avoid those teeth grinding moments when your digi doo-dad goes AWOL and you are stuck in nowhere-ville not sure of where to head.


Don’t get caught out fumbling around in the dark, digging around in the footwell looking for that last pack of snack in the night. Bring a torch! This will help you out if you breakdown, need to find stuff or if you have a camping stop over.


A bit of loose change never goes amiss. Just in case you hit a toll bridge, need to park or fancy a twix! Make sure not to get caught out with just a card on you. Even in the digital age a few sheckles will not see you wrong.


Bring fluids for both you and your car! Not only is it important that you stay hydrated but your car likes a guzzle also! Make sure to keep some spare water (just in case your car overheats), screenwash, brake fluid and yes, oil.


How else are you going to catch all those crazy moments? Swimming in the sea, trekking over the hills. Make sure to bottle up those moments with a quick and easy action camera in your back-pack.


A handy thing to keep in the glove box, this will quash the worry of running out of juice for your phone, sat nav, laptop or action cam on those long road stretches as you cast off from civilization.


Don’t forget your tool kit. Always handy for fixing things on the fly, you never know when you’ll need that socket or spanner to tweak your ride and keep the trip rolling on. You’ll be glad you have it if you break down.

Get planning your next road trip now!