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EP GR Yaris 4″ Decat Downpipe is a direct replacement for the catalytic converter.

Removing your cat is the most free-flowing set up for your exhaust, as the decat downpipe allows gases to exit the exhaust quickly and smoothly. This will improve power and performance.

The GR Yaris Decat Downpipe is design specifically to fit the EP GR Yaris GPF/OPF Delete Pipe. It must be used in congestion with our OPF pipe only. 

The Decat Downpipe is made from 4″ European stainless steel, back-purged and TIG-welded for optimum smoothness, with a CNC machined V-band flange and a stainless steel soft flexi to absorb engine movement. A high quality Mikalor clamp is included for secure fitment.

This product is design for motorsport and off-road use only. Removing the cat will require an ECU map to clear EML light.

How to Remove the GR Yaris Cat


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