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Find the right sound level for you

Choose the perfect exhaust system for your GR Yaris from our four modular options.

You want your new GR Yaris track car to sound like a track car right?

This system has been developed with all you track troopers in mind. The EP Track-Friendly OPF Back Exhaust System will give you that race car sound that you are yearning for whilst keeping you compliant with track regulation decibel limits.

Keeping things quiet in the lower rev range but giving you the goods when you get your pedal to the metal. This is a great option for a freer flow, power and weight gains and gives you the peace of mind that your track day will come off without a hitch.

In collaboration with Driftworks, we’ve developed a new modular exhaust system perfect for road and track.

There’s no denying the epic potential of this car, but if there’s one thing that let’s it down, it’s the quiet exhaust. You jump in the driving seat, turn that engine over but where is the noise? It’s in desperate need of a volume boost, and to sound like it has been built for power and performance.

So if you are looking to add to your driving experience our modular exhaust system is for you. To make the new GR Yaris sound like it should, this new exhaust system has a unique modular design.

The GR Yaris modular exhaust system allows you to pick the right setup for you. You can keep the stock cat and GPF to remain fully road legal, but still increase the volume to a level you can enjoy, that won’t annoy the neighbours

So whether you are looking for a full track-friendly exhaust system or to enhance your daily driving experience with the new GR Yaris, we have created a fully modular and customisable exhaust system to suit whatever you are looking to gain from your Yaris GR.

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GR Yaris Exhaust Options Side By Side Audio

You want your new GR Yaris track car to sound like a track car right? Giving you that race car sound that you are yearning for.

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the Ultimate GR Yaris Exhaust

Enhance your daily driving experience with the new GR Yaris Ultimate exhuast.

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Track-friendly GR Yaris Exhaust

This system has been developed with all you track troopers in mind.

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Development of the GR Yaris Exhaust

We worked with Driftworks to develop an exhaust system for their new GR Yaris.

Resonated / Non-res

We provide both resonated and non-resonated centre section options to give you a more refinable sound when choosing your GR Yaris set up. Choose non-resonated for the extra bit of Grrr in your GR or our resonated centre section is ideal for track use or a daily driver looking to keep their exhaust system that little bit quieter. Our resonated section will provide you with around 5 decibels less than the non-resonated.

Tip Options

There are two different tip options to choose from, both are 3.5″ inch, much larger than the stock tips to fill out the rear section and give you that motorsport look. They are angle cut the same as the rear diff and will retain an OEM plus feel to the new components. Like everything we do, our tips are fabricated in-house to leave you assured that the most exposed part of your new exhaust system has been given as much time and attention as the rest of your exhaust system.


We hope that you will get some real enjoyment out of our latest development. We believe that the new GR Yaris Modular Exhaust System will give our customers a high-end, high-quality experience from an aftermarket performance exhaust system that is fully interchangeable and no matter which set up you decided will provide a great sound and increased flow to get your GR Yaris gassing through the gears and growling around the track.

Development Process


The development of the new modular exhaust system has been a meticulous process of tracing the original stock exhaust system tunnel and catering our new modular design toward an exhaust system with the increased bore size and higher flow that you would expect from a quality aftermarket exhaust system.

We decided to create two different types of rear section to suit the needs of different applications and allows us to offer both a track-friendly version and a louder version for road use.

Our system is crafted from 304 stainless steel, fully back-purged and TIG welded to give the highest possible quality and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

All our silencers are rotary pulse TIG welded at both ends to ensure they not only last a lifetime but also look great. We use Acousta-Fil PTX filling, which has a high-temperature threshold making it last longer. We manufacture all exhaust silencers in-house so you can rest assured you will be using hand crafted, premium products that have been made with care and attention to detail.

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  1. ms (verified owner)

    Delighted with the exhaust sounds so much better than stock without being droney or intrusive. Actually sounds like your driving a quick car rather than a milk float. Great advice from the guys and superb product

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