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The Best Car Shows on Amazon in 2020

Get your fix of cars and motorsport with our top picks currently on Amazon Prime. The perfect mix of TV shows, motorsports and documentaries for car enthusiasts.

Head 2 Head on Amazon

5. Head 2 Head

This TV show is kind of like Ronseal, ‘exactly what it says on the tin’. Each episode features two cars that fight head to head in different challenges.

Fifth Gear on Amazon

4. Fifth Gear

Get all nostalgic and rewatch Season 12 to 18 of Fifth Gear on Amazon. We like season 18, episode 3 featuring Jason Plato in the British Touring Car Championship.

3. 2019 British GT Championship

If you’re missing motorsport and need a fix, you can watch last years British GT championship on Motor Trend via Amazon prime.

2. Le Mans: Racing is Everything

This series goes behind the scenes to explore Le Mans motor race. The intense 24 hour endurance race takes place in France every year and you get to follow six teams as the compete.

1. Crash & Burn

This is a documentary explaining the true story of legendary racing car driver Tommy Byrne, who is said to be the only racer that Senna feared.

That’s it! All of these are available via Amazon Prime but some may require an add-on Motor Trend subscription. If you get it, you’ll also get access to ton’s more car shows like ‘For the Love of Cars’ and ‘Petrol Head Planet’.

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