The Best Track Shot – The EP Virtual Car Show 2021

Flying around a track, helmet on, smiling from ear to ear. Best feeling right?

Capturing those corner shots for you to see yourself in action is also part of the fun.

We thought in the absence of actual tracks, it was only right we gave everyone the chance to live vicariously through their own pictures and show off their track shots.

Enhance Performance Track shots

Whether you have a track-specific car or take your daily or rent one from the track, the day is always full of adrenaline, excitement and exhilaration.

Even the pros still get the rush of feelings from the power of your car pulling you around and out of bends.

The road feels closer, the speeds feel more intense and every second counts.

We had so many fantastic track shots entries into the Virtual Car Show, which really got us missing the track.

With the tracks opening up soon it won’t be long before we can all get out and enjoy the rush of a track day in whichever format that might take.

Until then check out the gallery below.

Track Shot Photo Gallery

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