What Makes the GR Yaris So Quiet?

The popular GR Yaris exhaust has been a big hit around the world. But it has one major flaw. It’s so damn quiet!

So why would Toyota and Gazoo Racing make a rally inspired car that’s almost silent?

GR Yaris Badge

Why make the GR Yaris so quiet?

With Toyota entering into the World Rally Championship (WRC), they needed all-wheel-drive hot hatch to compete with.

Enter Toyota Gazoo Racing, a division of Toyota that focuses on motorsport and performance, who brought us the epic GR Yaris.

And like all racing championships, they were required to have a production volume of 25,000 to compete. 

Because of the potentially limited status and the extraordinary design and capabilities, the demand for the GR Yaris has been astronomical.

So much so, the waiting list has now been closed until 2023. And many of those who are on the list won’t get their car until later 2022!

For the GR Yaris owners who were lucky to get in early, there is one noticeable element that lets this unique car down. 

The quiet exhaust.

It’s not like the exhaust was a forgotten component.

Gazoo racing clearly spent time designing it and perfecting it. They’ve made it from thin mild steel to make it super light (ideal for track and rally), and use the modern GPF back system to ensure it is more emissions friendly.

However, they clearly anticipated some hang-ups around the exhaust sound levels, since they’ve added an amplifier to pump exhaust noise in through the speakers.

But fake exhaust sounds? Who wants that?

Ultimately they’ve made the exhaust so quiet that you could hear a pin drop (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but not much).

But since the GR Yaris is a Rally spec car, Toyota have to ensure it passes WRC regulations and to help reduce sound pollution from these large events. Hence, the lack of real exhaust noise.

But for the petrol heads who want to experience the sound, what can you do?

How to make your GR Yaris louder

Some GR Yaris owners are happy with the artificial exhaust sounds.

But for many track goers and car enthusiasts the fake sounds just aren’t cutting it.

We want to hear the raw exhaust, feel the vibrations and truly experience a car designed for rally and racing.

Aftermarket exhausts have been popping up all over the place in the last few months. And well, we had to throw our hat in the ring too (we are exhaust fabricators after all).

So we’ve designed a modular exhaust system for the GR Yaris.

With our Ultimate GR Yaris Exhaust for those who want it loud loud loud, and our quieter Track-friendly GR Yaris System that will pass sound level requirements but still give you a little grrr in your GR.

Our customers over on the GR Yaris UK forum are loving it! 

We love the GR Yaris and can’t wait to do more to make this rally spec car even better.

What are your thoughts on the GR Yaris? Too quiet? Or just right? Tell us in the comments below.